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St. Augustine’s Response to O’Reilly’s Bombing Campaign of ISIS

Your position on bombing the bad guys is reminiscent of listening to the justification for the body counts every evening on the news during the Vietnam War. We were told that McNamara’s “war of attrition” would be successful and would avoid the “domino theory.” Just like St_Augustinethis was proven to be a canard, so will bombing every reported terrorist gathering based upon “intelligence.”

Reagan’s “peace through strength” focused on building up American might to the point that the USSR (and everyone else) would be too frightened to mess with us. With a 17 trillion dollar debt, it is time to take a page from the Gipper once again.

As a Roman Catholic, I don’t understand why you are not taking a page from St. Augustine’s philosophy of a Just War. It seems that your position of targeted bombing of terrorist strongholds does not meet his notion that it would be a just war, because it violates his premise that the potential cost to be incurred by warfare should not be a greater evil than that which is to be remedied. With us borrowing money to the point of bankrupting our nation, the cost incurred to keep militarizing the region and bombing combatants at this point is a greater evil than spending millions of dollars in an ongoing bombing campaign. We shouldn’t waste any more blood and treasure on Muslim nations that are going to implode into constant factional conflicts anyway.

Second, it seems that bombing terrorist groups would be a violation of Augustine’s concept that the means of violence employed must be both discriminate and proportional. It doesn’t seem either when there is a likelihood that innocents will be killed. Although I agree that it is a fact of war, it does not seem ethical to be so cavalier and intentional about proceeding without doing everything possible to protect the innocent.

It is time to refocus on building back up American moral, economic, and territorial strength. Invest modestly (because that is all we can afford) only in those countries in the region with a proven track record of friendship – Israel, India, Kenya, etc. Provide moral support and some armaments to the oppressed populations like the Kurds in Iraq, oppressed moderates in Iran, and Christian populations in eastern Nigeria, to help them protect themselves. Secure our own borders. Complete the Strategic Defense Initiative. Open domestic oil and strengthen trade with friendly nations. Rebuild our military might to the point that no bad guys would dare to fly again into one of our buildings for fear that we would level them and all of their compatriots.

I guess that makes me an Isolationist in the opinion of so many of your guests.